New Solo Accessories from Polar Pro

The good folks at Polar Pro were some of our first Made for Solo partners, and they’ve developed the most Solo accessories, including the first to use the open accessory bay. If you haven’t checked this company out on our Made for Solo page, or their own, here’s a quick breakdown of what they (/we) have to offer.

LED directional lights

The 3DR Solo LED lights from PolarPro securely mount to Solo for increased visibility while flying. Headlights are white and taillights are red to allow pilots to determine which way Solo is facing in low light or at a distance. This was the first product to utilize the accessory bay on the 3DR drone.

Prop guards

PolarPro’s prop guards for Solo add an extra element of protection to your drone. The Solo Prop Guards slip onto each Solo arm, with a retaining clip that locks them in place. The prop guards for Solo will not prevent all crashes; however, they’re a great way to reduce the risk of damaging your drone.

GoPro Filters

These filters not only improve image quality, but they also protect your GoPro lens outside of the housing. They were designed to be extremely low profile and ultra-light, weighing only 5.5 and 6.1 grams to ensure smooth and safe gimbal operation. Use these filters to capture the most epic content possible. Visit the Polar Pro site to buy and learn more!


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