DIY Throwback! IRIS+ Design Files Now Available for Download

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve given our friends at the IRIS+ design files, available now to the public for free download. Now anyone can 3D print an IRIS+ of their own.

This is the first time we’ve released design files like this, and it’s in service to our commitment to the past, present and future of open source drones and the global community that made our drones like IRIS+ possible and popular. We encourage you to add to and embellish parts of the IRIS+ — by tapping the extraordinary power of 3D printing, you can truly make this drone your own.

MyMiniFactory has spent time printing and assembling the IRIS+ so they can offer a brief assembly guide, including optimal printer settings.

MyMiniFactory users will be able to download the files for this drone completely free of charge, giving them a unique opportunity to construct it at home after purchasing the necessary electronic components.


Thanks to the awesomeness of the open source 3D print community, MMF also offers for free a collection of accessories and adapters for the IRIS+. Check them out here:


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