Free Aerial Photography EBook from 3DR

Want to learn how to shoot aerial stills? Want to shoot them better? Want to know what the pros know? Want to give your Instagram followers TMJ from all the jawbreaking you’ll be doing?

We sure did. And now we’ve pooled our knowledge and put together the first 3DR instructional ebook. It’s dedicated entirely to aerial photography, a complete guide to getting the shot, with tips, tricks and shot breakdowns from some of the world’s top influencers and aerial photographers.

For instance, learn the techniques behind a shot from a photographer with less than 1,000 followers that was featured on over 30 huge Instagram accounts, attracting numerous licensing inquiries from major brands.

And it’s free.

What’s inside:

  • Aerial photography cheat sheet
  • GoPro settings explanations and best practices
  • How to find the best locations
  • Behind-the-scenes shot breakdowns from top photographers
  • Interviews, tips and tricks from the world’s top creators

Give Me My Free eBook Now! Instant delivery to your inbox.


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