Dronecon 2014 Call for Submissions!


Dronecon is the annual DIY Drones–3D Robotics developer conference. Dronecon 2014 will bring together developers, participants, hackers, academics, and makers from the DIY Drones and Ardupilot communities. This is your chance to hear lead developers discuss their work in the past year on land, sea, and air vehicles, ground stations, and other developments in open-source autonomous vehicles.

Dronecon 2014 will be held on June 20th at the University of Colorado Boulder, and will feature several plenary talks on two tracks: Technical and Applications. The Technical track will cover the latest in autopilot sensing, estimation, and control, including Pixhawk and APM control applications as well as sensor integration. The Applications track will focus on how people are using Ardupilot-based vehicles for survey, land and resource management, industrial, and other applications therein. This track also includes operating in harsh environments, as well as education and outreach.

Please submit abstracts (one to two paragraphs) on your proposed submission to dronecon2014@3drobotics.com. We’ll select talks based on overall fit within the program. Talks will be limited to 15 minutes; talks from development team leaders will be limited to 20 minutes.

For submission details, click here: Dronecon Flyer

We’ll see you in Boulder!


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