Notice about APM 2.5 telemetry cables


Dear customers,

Thank you for being one of the first to buy the APM 2.5. This product differs a bit from APM 2.0, in both the type and position of some of the connectors. As a result, an adapter cable is needed to connect its DF13 telemetry connector to 3DR Radios or XBee modules. If your order shipped between the 8th or 13th of August, you probably didn’t receive this telemetry cable.

As a way to improve user experience we decided to start including this cable for free in all incoming orders and we believe it would be a fair action to also give you one for free in your next order.

To claim your telemetry cable you must add this cable to your shopping cart (before checking out) and apply the coupon code APM25_TX_CABLE to subtract the total cable cost. You can only get one cable per APM 2.5 purchased and you must use the same account previously used to purchase the APM 2.5.

Note that the coupon code only works once, so if you got more than one APM 2.5, please let us know in your order comments and we will happily add the extra cables for you.

If you have any questions please send an email to


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